Argentine Notary Public Escribano: Deed Escritura

Argentine Notary Public Escribano: Deed Escritura

Argentine Notary Public Escribano: Deed Escritura

What is an “Escritura”?

First of all, it is a public document that certifies the change of legal ownership. Therefore, an Escritura is a Title deed.

In fact, in order to be valid, any property title deed in Argentina needs to follow certain requirements. For instance, it should be duly signed and certified by an Argentine “Escribano” (licensed notary professional).

Then, once the “Escribano” signs it, it is time to change the ownership information in the National Registry. In general, this procedure includes the seller, the buyer, the lawyers, and the Notary Public as well.

Notary Public Argentina

Notary Public Argentina

Collaboration between Argentine Notary Public and your trusted Argentine Lawyer

First, if you are considering buying real estate property in Argentina to hire the services of an Argentine Attorney Lawyer. Indeed, only a professional will check all the details and important information before signing the deeds.

Thus, the close collaboration between Escribanos and the Argentine National Registry offers peace of mind to the buyer. Furthermore, the sale is legitimate and the property is free of any hidden burdens.

Argentine Notary Public Escribano Escritura Deed Certificates

Argentine Notary Public Escribano Escritura Deed Certificates

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Argentine Notary Public Escribano

Argentine Notary Public Escribano

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Argentine Notary Public Escribano



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