Sebastian Limeres (Argentina Lawyer)


Sebastian Limeres, was born in Manhattan, New York in 1972. He has lived around 20 years between the San Francisco Bay Area in California and Manhattan, New York, while in the USA, and another 20 years in Recoleta and Nordelta in Buenos Aires, while in Argentina. He graduated from Buenos Aires University Law School, and is also licensed as an Argentine Registered Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bars of California and Florida, USA. The focus of his practice resides in assisting foreigners from the USA as well as English speaking-clients from all around the world to inherit intestate estates -or by wills and testaments- in Argentina, as well as all across South, Central and Latin America.

Expert Areas

Inheritances/Successions: Obtaining birth, marriage, divorce and/or death certificates and most inheritance records for probate or genealogy purposes; determining whether an heir will inherit intestate or through a testament or a will; finding property, bank accounts, assets, titles and real estate deeds, automobile and/or air/maritime records in Argentine jurisdiction; Inheritance, Estate, Probate and Succession Litigation in Argentina and most Spanish speaking countries; Estate Planning in Spanish speaking countries.

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Sebastian Limeres, Argentine Lawyer

Edificio Puerta Norte 2

Nordelta Centro Comercial

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Nordelta, Tigre (1670) Buenos Aires – Argentina

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