Argentinian’s full service Law Firm specializing in Argenitne Inheritances, Instancy & Probate Law, Real Estate and Successions.

LIMERES, ATTORNEYS, specializes in offering a broad range of legal services in the Argentine Republic. Our law firm represents high net worth individuals as well as small, medium and large Argentine companies doing business around the world. Our firm has grown fast to become one of the most prestigious and distinguished international law firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina, engaged in the practice of law as a full service law firm participating in some of the most important domestic and international transactions involving Argentine as well as foreign-international corporations. Moreover, our firm was profiled as the number one option for the foreign communities residing in Argentina and due to this fact we have been retained by clients from diverse places around the world such as Russia, India, China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Chile, Israel, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Ukraine among other countries.

Argentine Estate Law, Successions, Inheritances, Probate Law, Estate & Heir Planning and Administration in Buenos Aires, Argnetina

Charitable Activities; Short Tract Inheritances; Family Business Transition; Forced and Non Forced Heirs; Estate and Inheritance Law in General; Land Banking in Probate-Estate Processes; Testamentary and Non Testamentary Heirs; Trusts, Estate Litigation and Dispute Resolution; Wills and Trusts: Legal Drafting and Structuring; Cross-Border Family and Estate Planning Issues; Succession Planning for Pensioners and Retirees; Estate Planning in Buenos Aires and All Argentina; Assignment of Heirs Inheritance Rights and Assets;


Argentina’s Probate Process: Tax/VAT Consequences; Successions in Buenos Aires and Argentina in General; Successions of Sole or Unique Child and/or Grandchild; Successions and Probate Processes that Involve No Assets; Successions Involving Multiple or Various Heirs and Parties; Asset Allocation and Distribution to Heirs and Beneficiaries; Transmission of a Deceased’s Estate to Heirs and/or Legatees; Successions that Involve Minors, disabled and/or Handicapped Heirs; Estate Planning and Management: Business and Family Wealth Transitioning; Creation of Family Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Property Holding Vehicles; Successions, which become Controversial and/or Litigious while in a Probate-Estate Process; Birth, Marriage, Death Records, Certificates and Licenses Required to Initiate Probate-Succession; Elder Law, Guardianships.


Conservatorships and General Probate Estate Process in Buenos Aires as well as Other Argentine Provinces; Analysis of Possible Implications of Foreign Structures under Argentine Law, including Statutory Inheritance and Tax Law Provisions; Argentina Private Investigators in Estate, Probate and Successions where there are No Heirs: Vacant Probate-Estate or Vacant Succession. The Government, The State, an Argentine Province as the Sole Heir-Inheritor; Successions and Probate-Estate Processes that Involve Penal-Criminal Cases, Labor Law, Tax and Tributary Law (and the Argentine Internal Revenue Service: IRS = AFIP); International Probate and Estate Planning involving Argentina: Successions of Foreigners, US Citizens and Argentines/Argentinians with Property and/or Assets in Colonia, Punta del Este, Maldonado, Montevideo, Jose Ignacio, Garzon, La Paloma in Rocha, etc. in Uruguay; Unclaimed Bank Accounts involving Beneficiaries residing in Argentina, Uruguay, the United States of America or any country in Latin America. Argentine and USA Affidavits and Sworn Statements; Consumer Resources to Probate, Conservatorship and Estate Settlement; Advice on Argentine Surrogate Laws, Death Announcements, Newspaper Obituaries, Funeral Notices.


Argentina Heir and Asset Locators. Legal Assistance in Argentina to Public Administrator’s searches for family members and wills, arrangement for disposition of remains, locate and manage assets, monitor creditor claims, review taxes and provide services necessary to administer each estate through distribution to heirs and beneficiaries.

Real Estate Law

Argentine REIT’s; Buenos Aires Rental Laws; Argentine Trust (Fideicomisos); Argentina Landlord-tenant Law; Argentine Commercial Real Estate; Real Estate Litigation in Argentina; Real Estate Purchasing in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mortgage Financing in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires: Legislation; Real Estate Acquisitions for the Tourism and Hospitality Industries; USA Escrow and Title Insurance Services that operate Validly in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Genealogy Services in Argentina,  Through the Buenos Aires and Argentine  Probate Court Systems.

Missing People in Argentina; Successions: Estate Lawyers; Argentine Genealogical Heritage; Cemetery and Funeral Home Searches; Ancestors, Relatives and Family Search; Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Index Search; Buenos Aires Ascendant and Descendant Searches; Argentina Genealogists: Argentine Genealogy and Ancestry Services; Bilingual English and Spanish Certificates, Records, Deeds, Documents, Lists; Trace and Discovery of Argentine Cousins and Kinship, Relatives, Ancestors and Family History Trees; DNA Genetic Screening, Religious Searches through the Buenos Aires Church System, Biographies, Birth, Marriage & Death Records; Government, Hospital and Cemetery Searchable Lists, Databases, Certificates, Titles, Deeds, Records, Studies, Books & Documents in Buenos Aires and All Argentine Provinces.


Genealogy Record Bank Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina and All Other Argentine Provinces: Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquén, Río Negro, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego, Tucumán.


Full Service Forensic, Lineage and Genealogical Law Firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina and All Argentinian Provinces; Argentine Genealogical Services: Church, Military and International Searches, Churches, Archives and Libraries, Federal, Province and Local Records, Medical Histories, Female Ancestors, Oral Histories, Form Letters, Family Books, Ancestral Files, Biographies, Cemetery, Census and Church Records, Codicils, Wills, Common Ancestors, Deeds, Argentine Directories, Emancipation and Emigration documents from Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Estate and Executor documents, Family Pedigrees, Family Histories and Genealogies, Grantee and Grantor Indexes, Guardian Gazettes, Holographic Wills, Buenos Aires Homestead Applications, International Genealogical Indexes, Inventories, Immigration Files, Calendars, Land Records, Letters Testamentary, Argentine Local Histories, Litigation Files, Manuscripts, Marriage Contracts Records and Bonds in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Military Records, Mortuary Files, Maiden Name Reports, Naturalization Records, Newspaper Announcements, Holographic Wills, Buenos Aires Asylum Records, Paleography, Passenger Lists, Powers of Attorney, Attorney-Client Agreements, Testaments, Quitclaim Deeds, War Records, Sponsor Letters, Testate and Intestate Succession Files, Title Documentation, Un-probated Wills, Vital Records, Warranty Deeds, Witness Deeds, Writ of Attachment and Summons in Argentina, Death Announcements, Newspaper Obituaries, Funeral Notices.